Wanna make your trekking adventure-loving soul soar?  We’ve got an amazing Brahmatal trek for you. This time, you will be living in a make-believe world. Everything will look like a picture from a snow painting book with breathtaking scenic beauty. The crystal clear air with snow is the delight of your life. You get to enjoy beautiful fountains of snow-clad mountains and valleys, red rocks, green forests, blue lakes, and rivers surrounded by soft white clouds in the sky. The temperature gauge says that it is only -32℉ [Celsius] but you feel like you are in Antarctica. The fascinating trek is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, known for its crystal-clear lakes, and offers a diverse range of terrains varying from forests to rocky tracks with snow-covered peaks. The most notable feature of this trek is the dense pine forest that surrounds the plateau and provides an inner silence that sometimes matches its surroundings, and the first highlight of the Brahmatal Trek is the Changla Base Camp which lies at an altitude of 15,209 feet (4,670 m). It's about 7.5 km away from Ghangila and 3.5 km from Rakh Daral Peak, which forms the summit marker for this trek. As much of the trek is under forest cover, you will have the opportunity to experience a spectacular forest walk. You can also expect to see some of the most surreal views of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti along your way. Heading forward, you will see many species of birds like Blue-winged Minla, Grey-hooded Warbler, Golden Bush Robin, Black-throated Thrush, etcetera.



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Additionally, camping under the stars with your friends, exploring virgin territory, and enjoying a bonfire with some hot chocolate are sure to give you awesome memories. Brahmatal Trek is an ideal trek for beginners and also for those who are really fond of hiking in snow-clad mountains. This trek is also highly recommended for photography enthusiasts as one can capture the best of nature’s beauty here with almost no interference from others around. There is nothing quite like the Brahmatal Trek, which offers to stargaze, walk through forests, and even lakeside camping. This is not just going to be a great vacation, it will be a discovery—of the mountains, of yourself, and of your inner soul.