Mumbai, city of dreams and high oxygen tanks, has a lot to offer to the thrill seeking hikers out there looking for nature's unpacked best. Visits in and around Mumbai is by locals and tourists favorite activity and because of this fact it is the perfect reason for relaxing from the city’s rush, when looking at the green nature and amazing view. Each route starts from either of the ancient forts and ends at the most enticing waterfalls, giving you an opportunity to choose tracks according to your interests. Come on, let's be taking a closer look at popular trekking destinations in and around Mumbai?!

Embarking on Epic Treks Near Mumbai: A Nature's Paradise

1.  Sandhan Valley Trek & Camping

This pseudo-valley just before the Sahyadri range, Sandhan Valley provides for the heart-pumping Trekking and camping experience. The name Shadow Valley is in fact quite accurate as this trail is famous for not only its many rock passages but also its verdant greenery and gorgeous scenery. Canyoning pathwaysters will be going through rocky trails, will be climbing down the steep cliffs and will be camping under the star filled sky. This type of activity is enjoyed by everyone, from adrenaline junkies to nature lovers.

2. Harishchandragad Trek & Camping

Located at a distance of 70-80 kms from Mumbai on a regular basis due to locked down and restrictions, Harishchandragad has become a heaven for trekkers with its ancient temples, caves and panoramic views of nature. The ascent to the Harishchandragad hill is not only exciting but also wicked with many ancient and fantasy stories associated with it. The trekkers can hike to explore the Konkan Kada, Taramati peak, as well as a famous Kedareshwar cave temple. You can also camp over the night while enjoying peace and quietness typical of Sahyadri mountain.

3.  Kalsubai Night Trek

Ascending steep to be the highest top of Maharashtra, Kalsubai has offered a difficult but breathtaking experience of night trekking for the people who have stepped on it. The hike starts below the moonlight where hikers' bound to the path as part of their journey to crest the mountain top before the first light of the sun. The sun rising from the peak of the hill could never be forgotten; thus, enjoying it after the long journey was the reward for it.

4. Harishchandragad Night Trek

Go through this unparalleled night activity to Harishchandragad and be part of its ancient fort under the glitter of the moonlight. The trek during the night only adds to the mystery of the trail. Trekkers walk through the forest and rocky outcrops, while they progress towards the Hill fort top, which is lit up by the moon giving a striking vision of the valley below.

5.  Harihar Fort Night Trek

Harihar Fort, with a deep valley on the three sides, is great for night trekkers who love adventure. Trekkers that follow the tracks have to hurriedly change on small rock cut steps and slim alleys among the thick green vegetation with a beautiful view. Besides, camping under the sparkling night sky very close to the fort draws a tough spirit that is contemporaneous with adventure and teamwork.

6. Ratangad Night Trek

Ratangad, as the embodiment of both historical fame and natural beauty, triumphantly calls for the adventure of night trekking to make history. Leaving civilization behind, the hike takes you through the forest, underground in caves, and up the hills, which ends in wilderness camping with all the privileges that the old military fort can offer. Hikers can certainly participate in stargazing activities, which include listening to campfire stories, and this will lead to fond memories being formed surrounded by the beauty of nature.

7.Kalsubai Trek & Camping

For the one who wants a daytime adventure, the Kalsubai trek presents a thrilling one in style and flaunts the beautiful face of Sahyadri. The adventurers roll the rocky roads, cross the gutsy woods and have their bodies tensed by the stiff terrain, while on their way up till the top of Maharashtra's highest peak. Besides the discomforts of camping, it also has to do with the fact that it helps you relax your mind and enjoy your stay.

8.Rajmachi Trek with Camping

Rájmiči, well-known for its centuries-old forts dotted in the green forests, allows people to experience these amazing trekking and camping options though they are just minutes away from Mumbai. Trekkers travel with their feet through colossal waterfalls, adorable small villages, and lush plantations in the end of their journey to find the twin forts of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. Camping at the utopian wilderness of Rajmachi will accomplish refilling your soul with great revival, but also a needed reconnection with nature.

9.  Kalavantin Durg Trek & Camping

Kalavantin Durg, which is an enormous rocky behemoth clinging perilously to a steep precipice, is a place of adventure, giving adventurers hard trails and magnificent views. The trek toward Kalavantin Durg requires you to step out of your comfort zone and navigate through rocky areas and steep staircases fixed on the mountain, which should be the practitioner for adrenaline pump. The head of the fort is in no way less than an idyllic village in the mysterious forest of the Western Ghats.

10.Ratangad Fort Night trek with Camping

Feel the magical spirit of the Ratangad fortress in the middle of night, a fascinating trekking night adventure. Climbers may have to wade through tangled forest and rugged slopes, finding their way exclusively with moonlight, eventually arriving at a castle on the crest of the hill. Tenting by the past remains and Mother Nature's peace allows one to experience time travel and nature literally.

11. Kalavantin Durg Night Trek

Step into the realms of the daring trip to Kalavantin Durg on a journey that is under the veil of the moonlit night with trekkers who reveal the struggle of the steep slopes that reflect the light of the moon. This night traces adds the spirit of mystery to the expedition, as hikers go their way to reach the fort's peak, hiking their way through the rugged landscape. During this hike, dawn from the hill of Kalavantin Durg gives a feeling of the real world that is preserved in the memory book of the long trek.

12. Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

Ease the city grind and go to the Dudhsagar Waterfall, which is one the highest waterfalls in the country. The jungle ascent takes the visitors through the green thickets, dashing waterfalls and verdant valleys ending at an eye-catching sight of the milky fall in the emerald surroundings. The camping near Dudhsagar not only brings the trekkers to a close relaxing moment with nature but also a spectacular vantage point of this one of its kind natural habitat.

13. The Velas Turtle Festival 

Only nature can satisfy souls at Velas Turtle festival, where baby sea turtles that are olive ridley are hatched and reach the Arabian Sea by themselves. This festival displays probably the most amazing phenomena of nature, weaving them with eco-friendly accommodation and beautiful pristine surroundings of the coastal landscape. The presented educational programs and conservation efforts create fascination while exploring this unforgettable experience.

14. Velas Turtle Fest

Being a turtle conservation organizers or nature lovers, make a trip to the Velas Turtle Festival which is an ode to olive ridley sea turtles as a conservation success. The event not only highlights the endeavor of safeguarding these endangered species but also aims to raise awareness regarding marine conservation through different activities, including beach cleanup, nature walk, as well as turtle hatchlings release. Many people who participate in the Velas Turtle Fest are not only recreating but also giving their efforts to marine conservation.

In the last part of the article, we realize that Mumbai's trekking destinations allow adventure lovers a wide range of journeys – from Kihim and Chinchoti Mountains to hiking at night and relaxing camping. All these are against a backdrop of splendid nature. Whether scaling the strategically aged forts, visiting cascading waterfalls, or experiencing such alluring natural wonders, these hiking spots near Mumbai offer an excellent chance to manage getting stuck with the urban buzz and reconnect again with the great outdoors. And so we prepare, we literally strap on our bags and tongue ties to embark on a lifetime experience through the fascinating trekking sites of Mumbai.