Are you bored stiff with your daily routine and a mid-life crisis? Book a vacation to Auli Trek with us and spend a couple of days in the lap of nature. If you're a skier or adventurous, then Auli is the place to be.  Whether it's a stroll through the woods or an exhilarating ride on a cable car, Auli possesses so much charm that lets you feel like you're in another world entirely. Trekking in the mountains, skiing, camping with your children, canoeing on the river – there is so much to do here! Set in the western Himalayas with the vastness of the invincible mountains, Auli is an alluring destination for families and friends. The town is nestled around the Nanda Devi National Park. As you ski down the slopes in powder-covered boots or camp under the twinkling stars high up on Nanda Devi peak, you will forget that you are even in India.

Auli is a place offering an experience like no other, a haven for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and that special someone who loves the outdoors. There is something for everyone here, from skiing to ropeway rides across deep valleys and glaciers. It offers a pleasant mix of culture and fun while keeping your young ones busy. The alpine snow-clad hills of Auli are an ageless treasure that's out of reach for all but a handful of people.  Discover the beauty of the mountains and coniferous forests in Auli. Auli is waiting for you to make your own memories, so what are you waiting for?