Let your trekking with friends be memorable as you select Kasol as your next destination. Kasol Kheerganga Trek can be one of the rejoicing options if you love hiking. This hamlet is situated n Himachal Pradesh's district Kulu. Often, people choose Kulu and Manali to complete a fabulous tour in the Indian hilly region. However, not many are yet familiar with the splendid views of Kasol. The distance from the Kulu town to this lovely junction is only 36 Km.

Trekking or enjoying the tranquil ambiance, Kasol offers several exciting features. Trekhievers welcome you to this amazing world of adventures and enthusiasm after considering your budget. Give it a try, and regret is the last thing you can have after visiting Kasol and its adjacent areas.

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Kasol Kheerganga Trek - Tour

Kasol Kheerganga Trek

  • 4 Nights 5 Days
  • Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
₹ 6,499View Details
Kasol Tosh Trek - Tour

Kasol Tosh Trek

  • 4 Nights 5 Days
  • Kasol
₹ 6,499View Details
Manali Kasol Kheerganga - Tour

Manali Kasol Kheerganga

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Manali, Himachal Pradesh
₹ 11,499View Details
Manali Kasol Jibhi - Tour

Manali Kasol Jibhi

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Manali, Himachal Pradesh
₹ 13,999View Details
Manali Kasol Kheerganga Jibhi - Tour

Manali Kasol Kheerganga Jibhi

  • 7 Nights 8 Days
  • Manali, Himachal Pradesh
₹ 15,499View Details
Kasol Tosh Kheerganga - Tour

Kasol Tosh Kheerganga

  • 5 Nights 6 Days
  • Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
₹ 9,499View Details
Manali - Kullu - Tosh - Kasol - Jibhi - Tour

Manali - Kullu - Tosh - Kasol - Jibhi

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Kasol
₹ 12,999View Details
Bir Billing Manali Kasol - Tour

Bir Billing Manali Kasol

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
₹ 19,499View Details
Himachal Backpacking - Tour

Himachal Backpacking

  • 9 Nights 10 Days
  • Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
₹ 17,999View Details

Places To Visit In Kasol

The recommended places in this small town are many. You will feel the charm, energy, and joy in almost every corner of Kasol. You will find a plethora of choices while learning about the activities you can do and the fabulous touring destinations. Furthermore, it is one of India's most romantic spots and a superb selection for honeymoon couples. Here we provide some of the best options.

  • Parvati River

Kasol is the home of the beautiful Parvati river. The flow of sparkling waters originates in the Man Talai glacier, and finally, River Beas is the ultimate destination of this river. The sounds that you can hear by enjoying your feet in this water are truly enchanting. Parvati gets its name as it flows down the Parvati Valley.

  • Kheerganga

Kheerganga is one of the primary attractions of Kasol. From the sea level, the average height of Kheerganga is 13,051 feet. The lush green surroundings present a picturesque view as you pass through rivers and landscapes. This place is also a holy place for the Hindus. The hot water springs offer a marvelous sight, and you can also look at the Shiva temple. Most of the time, you will find snow-capped mountain tops here. The blues above your head and the calming effects of the rivers is a complete treat for the years.

  • Manikaran Gurudwara

Another distinguishing place of Kasol is Manikaran Gurudwara. This spot is very special for the pilgrims and must be one of the selected destinations in the Kasol tour package. The exact location of the place is Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh. Here, the devotees use the hot water from the springs to prepare delicious food for the langar.

  • Tosh

Cannabis plantation is abundant in this region of Kasol. Therefore, you will get a relaxed and pollution-free environment in this arty-crafty village of the Parvati valley. As you come for trekking in the Kheerganga region, do not miss a small tour of this remarkable place. Tosh is famous for its local exploration opportunities and Jamdagni Rishi temple. However, you can visit this temple only during February.

  • Rasol

Your trip to Kasol will have some void if you do not see the spectacles of Rasol. The majestic Himalayas look most enchanting from this place. Furthermore, the trek will be for an average duration of two to four hours. Located 10,000 high above sea level, Rasol is one of the quaint destinations with wooden houses amidst the great green expansions in the surroundings. The Hindus often prefer to visit the Jamdagni Rishi temple from here also. According to local mythology, the saint is considered to be another incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

  • Naggar Village

Kasol is said to be one of the romantic places for several cherishing activities. You can have too much fun while fishing in this village. River Beas is the perfect location for a loving and adventurous couple to spend some private moments while fishing. Moreover, the couple can also stroll near the Naggar castle.

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